Tom's Notes

I made this little program so I could change the speed of my fans without having any program running all the time. I found that the it8718f super i/o controller on my ga-p35-ds3l motherboard could do this. This program can display and change the registers of the fan controller in the it8718f.
  I used the freebasic compiler for this program because they have a windows and a Linux version. I just make one source file and compile it in xp and Linux. The program names are 8718fans.exe for windows and 8718fansl for Linux. The source is 8718fans.bas.
  The operating systems I use this program on are xp, windows 7, and ubuntu 10.10. In Linux you have to change the permission and owner to make this program work. I use (sudo chown root 8718fansl), and (sudo chmod 4770 8718fansl). This program runs in terminal mode in linux.