GA-P35-DS3L Information

GA-P35-DS3L. Bios F9B.

Just a little information about the fans and it8718f super i/o controller on this motherboard.

FAN_TAC1-5, TMPIN1-3, and FAN_CTL1-3 are the names ITE gave them in their datasheet.
The fan names are on the motherboard.

FAN_TAC1  connected to  CPU_FAN   4 pin
FAN_TAC2  connected to  SYS_FAN1  3 pin
FAN_TAC3  connected to  PWR_FAN   3 pin
FAN_TAC4  connected to  SYS_FAN2  4 pin
FAN_TAC5 - Not used on this motherboard

TMPIN1  connected to  System temperature sensor, on the motherboard near the it8718f.
TMPIN2  connected to  CPU temperature sensor, this is the analog sensor in the cpu.
TMPIN3 - Don't seem to be used on this motherboard.

FAN_CTL1  connected to  CPU_FAN    varies voltage on pin 2 on fan header (+12) to change the fan speed.
FAN_CTL2  connected to  SYS_FAN2   varies voltage on pin 2 on fan header (+12) to change the fan speed.
FAN_CTL3  connected to  CPU_FAN    varies the pwm on pin 4 on fan header (control) to change the fan speed.

In bios
  PC Health Status
    CPU Smart FAN Control
      Enabled = fan speed varied according to the CPU temperature.
      Disabled = fan runs full speed all the time.
    CPU Smart FAN Mode
      Auto = Will detect fan type. If pwm fan detected then PWM will be used else voltage used.
      Voltage = Will use FAN_CTL1 to vary the voltage to the cpu fan.
      PWM = Will use FAN_CTL3 to vary the PWM to the cpu fan.

Voltage. bios will put it8718 FAN_CTL1 in smart guardian-automatic mode and FAN_CTL3 in on/off-on mode.

PWM. bios will put it8718 FAN_CTL1 in on/off-on mode and FAN_CTL3 in smart guardian-automatic mode.

These are just my observations from looking at the data in the it8718f registers
and looking at the pins of the fan plugs with my oscilloscope.